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Our good friend Anne over at Politco recently penned a post about a very interesting gentleman named David All.  The post itself was quite lengthy and extremely entertaining.  We learned two things from reading it:

1. Mr. All probably won’t be pinning this sucker to the front of his fridge – which is unfortunate, because we love Guitar Hero.

2. Mr. All is human – and humans fart in public.

From Anne’s comment section:  [We can’t make this up]

David All came to speak to a group of College Republicans at my school. We thought he was a bit spaced out and he made no sense. I also think he may have farted midway through his speech.

Posted By: Steven Colman | July 22, 2008 at 11:50 AM

Lovely.  Here’s to hoping his flatulance problems don’t hinder his ability to pitch clients.