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Douche in DC:  Ways to be a Tourist Without Being a Douche…

We spend some time discussing the Douche we all encounter every day, from every place, in every nook of our fair city… the tourist. Now, to discuss the douchiness of DC tourists is by no means a one post type of entry. In fact, there is no one type of touristy DC douche. All shapes, sizes, different colored fanny packs, they march, ahem, wander through our streets asking us for directions and generally irritating us.

All shapes sizes, and unfortunately, smells, the DC tourist never seems to leave. Christmas, the 4th of July, and the most dreaded of all, Cherry Blossom Week. The DC tourist flocks to town and brings the kids with them. Now, I can’t say that all tourists are from obscure Midwestern cities, but let’s just say they act like it.

A few simple rules:
1) Act like a human (with a brain) on the Metro.
2) Dress like an adult.

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