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FamousDC readers know we’re big fans of Patrick Gavin and Nora McAlvanah. You can imagine our surprise to read an article that has advice from both of them. Luckily for all of us….they nailed it (with an Extreme quote).

Campaigns and Elections: How to get on the air – all the time

“What can you say that no one else has said and can you say it smartly?” asks Howard Mortman, who works at New Media Strategies, an Arlington, Va.-based marketing firm. Too many people rush to accept appearances outside their area of expertise, then stare blankly at the camera or say something mundane. And in TV, it’s one strike and you’re out.

If you do have unique insights but no outlet just yet, try creating your own. Nothing could be more fundamental, easy and inexpensive as starting your own blog. Mortman has had success with his own blog, ExtremeMortman.com, which has been linked to from several popular aggregating websites and blogs.

Please enjoy your FamousDC head’s up before D. All hits us with another moon bounce email alert.