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Last week we wrote about an online contest we decided to participate in.  And while we felt our answers didn’t enitrely suck, unlike the rest, we were certain we had a fightin’ chance.

Well, we were wrong.  Apparently our answers did suck.

From Washwords, the online host of the rigged contest:

FamousDC took the word of one caaaarrazzy tipster and devoted some prime real estate to my little blog, which I loveeeed, plus the title of their entry (“We Better Win This Contest”) I’ll admit kinda scared me, but to be fair, they entered after the deadline, and while I judged after my own self-imposed judging deadline, the rules don’t apply to me, just everyone else. (Duh!), plus they nominated themselves for best blog you don’t know and uhhh, we know them.

We can only hope there are more contests – and as for the musicians outside the metro stations, the ones we spoke so highly of, we still think they suck.