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A tipster sent us a link to this DC related blog, which recently sponsored an interesting contest. The contest supposedly ended a few days ago, but we’re going to enter anyway.

Attention all DC’ers: bloggers, photogs, neighbors, friends – if you’re in DC (or okay, just this once, the greater DC area. yep, even you orange_liners), consider this your battle call. Here’s what I want tout suite (yep, demanding, but there’s PRIZES involved) on your blogs or in email if need be:

1) One reason why you LOVE DC.

We love DC because it’s the only place in the country where senile 100 yr-old men are woken up from naps and allowed to make decisions that affect our country’s livelihood.

2) One thing you hate/snark/whine/mock about DC (can’t think of any? me either, try virginia)

We hate the live entertainment that accompanies each metro stop. If DC Metro hired just one professional musician and circulated their talents, commuters might begin to smile again.

3) A DC favorite or secret (can be a restaurant, a deal, a park, an intersection, you name it)

The Congressional Liquor Store, otherwise known as Congo, has the world’s best chicken salad wraps.

4) Your favorite DC photo (own the rights please! that means you took it or it’s public or I’m not gonna get in trouble for sharing it!)

The drunk fly:


5) One DC blogger we might not know about.

There’s this great site called FamousDC. It’s the new black. Check it out.