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Ben Pershing started a new feature where he talks to the top communications staffers for the Rs and Ds in the House and Senate. Which staffer will first take this opportunity to go Back to the Future?

It looks like House Minority Leader Boehner’s spokesman Michael Steel is up to the challenge.

Energy Bills on Tap:

The other key priority this week should be doing the right thing and passing the troop funding bill. Actually “doing the right thing” would require Doc Brown, a flux capacitor, and a tricked-out DeLorean, because our military explained very clearly to the Democrats in charge on Capitol Hill that they needed this money before Memorial Day. Now, three weeks later, Democrats are still fudging and fiddling, trying to decide on how best to hold our troops hostage as leverage for additional domestic spending. The Department of Defense will start sending furlough notices to it employees next week.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this spokesman drops a flux capacitor in the middle of a diatribe about funding for the troops.

Well played.