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The word douchebag has officially made a monumental comeback. The expression, that had all but disappeared, has reemerged, and in a big way – well, except if you attend Lewis S. Mill High School.

Apparently, at Lewis S. Mill, the use of the word douchebag is frowned upon, especially when referring to officials at your high school. [Utterly ridiculous]

In the case of Lewis S. Mills High School senior Avery Doninger, the use of the d-word on her blog resulted in her losing her position as class secretary-something that she and her mother believe is unfair and a violation of her First Amendment rights. Unfortunately for the Doningers, the courts have thus far sided with the school’s decision. The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit upheld a lower court decision yesterday, saying that while it was sympathetic to Avery’s plight, the school did not violate her constitutional rights.

The fact that the word douchebag made it as far as the US Court of Appeals is a victory on its own. Congratulations Ms. Doninger.

And as for the school official who was so offended – let’s be honest, the simple fact that you raised such a fuss, actually does officially qualify you to hold the title of douchebag. Avery was right all along.

PS: And speaking of douchebaggery- a special thanks to Douche in DC for referring to us as “non-douchy”. That means a lot us.