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Yes folks, even the Washington Post can still tie one on.

WaPo reporter Megan Greenwell covered the “tamer” side of Dewey Beach and her story ended up on page A-1 of the Monday edition.

Megan Greenwell: To Entice Families, Dewey Markets a Tamer Side

DEWEY BEACH, Del. — As mid-Atlantic beach towns go, Dewey Beach is a bit like the cool guy in school — the one with the motorcycle and the tattoos. He’s fun, he’s wild and you could never bring him home to Mom.

But now, Dewey insists it’s all a big misunderstanding. Sure, he says, he has a checkered past, but he’s a changed man, and he deserves more respect.

Starting this season, Dewey has launched an ambitious, unprecedented marketing campaign to convince families that they are the town’s most important customers. The effort to prioritize tetherball over tequila shots and bonfires over beer could represent a major shift for the town that has always been defined primarily by its oldest bars.

Reporters have such a cool gig. We’d love to see the expense reports behind this story.

If you read the entire article, you’ll get this kicker towards the end:

Montgomery, who performed odd jobs on the beach as a child and began working at the Starboard 22 years ago, said he loves Dewey’s spirit during the summer, but he is concerned that the town’s party reputation is alienating some of its most loyal patrons. He frequently encounters married couples who met in Dewey group houses — a list that includes U.S. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. — who want to return to town with their families.

Chief Justice smashing at Dewey. Solid.

Note: His Extremeness also reports about the re-branding here.