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A group of tech-savvy, right-leaning politicos have launched an online movement that hopes to compete with websites such as MyDD, Open-Left and Daily Kos.

Co-founded by Patrick Ruffini, Soren Dayton and Jon Henke, the Next Right, is a blog-style platform that hopes to offer fall-behind Republicans advice as to how to catch up to the “left” online.

According to Ruffini: This site is the product of literally hundreds of offline conversations with some of the brightest young minds in the conservative movement. It grows out of a recognition that the road back can’t be about a series of disjointed technologies, blogs, and pundits. It begins with telling a story about why we should lead. With advancing majoritarian ideas with real buy-in from the grassroots, not diktats from Washington policy shops. With revitalizing the Republican Party with real participation from the bottom up. The right needed a place online where these discussions could flourish, where a narrative about revitalizing the movement could congeal, and where smart new voices could assert a leadership role in a party at a crossroads. We hope The Next Right can be a small part of this ongoing dialogue.

The only mystery thus far: Why did their friends at Daily Kos not make their blog roll – perhaps a technical oversight?