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The Recently Married Ben Pershing: Hoyer Testifies on ‘Stolen Vote’

In an apparently unprecedented session, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) testified this afternoon before the special committee that was set up to investigate whether Democrats “stole” a controversial House vote last August.

As A&E’s First 48 tells us:

For homicide detectives, the clock starts ticking the moment they are called. Their chance of solving a case is cut in half if they don’t get a lead in THE FIRST 48™. Each passing hour gives suspects more time to flee, witnesses more time to forget what they saw, and crucial evidence more time to be lost forever.

More Pershing on the House’s Stolen Vote:

It’s not clear what this investigation will yield once it’s all over (another hearing is scheduled for Wednesday). Most likely, the committee will recommend more transparency in the way votes are conducted. Republicans will argue this fall that Democrats have been unfair and abused their power, just as Democrats said of the GOP in 2006. And then everyone will go back to their regular jobs, most of which don’t involve exhaustive forensic analysis of C-SPAN tapes.