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Dear Cabbies,

If you’d like to make a few bucks Saturday night – as opposed to driving around, smoking cigarettes, listening to Phil Collins and wondering why nobody needs a ride from Cap Lounge, then take note:

Taste of the South, the event in which sobriety is no where to be found – kicks off this Saturday night at the DC Armory. If history is any indication of how you will react – you won’t.

As learned in the past, you and your colleagues either don’t dig dressed up drunk people – or you have no idea where they’re hiding this particular night. [Map below]

And let’s be honest – if nothing else, no one who leaves the Armory in need of a cab will be in any shape to count change, so your tips will increase tenfold.



Note: Because cabbies are not a safe bet this Saturday – try this on – and thank the TOTS Executive Officers for thinking about you. Look, it’s better than walking the 35 miles back to the Hill with corn dog and mustard stains on your tux/dress.

PS: Take pics and email them to us on Monday.  Let’s embarrass the hell out of your drunk friends.  [email protected]

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