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Last week we featured an interview with the two remaining college superdelegates – Lauren Wolfe, President of the College Democrats and Awais Khaleel, Vice-President.

Both are undecided superdelgates, who reached out to folks their age [via YouTube] for advice and guidance as to who they should choose to lead our country.

After receiving a boatload of feedback, we asked them this…

Does is worry you that random celebrities have gotten a hold of your cell phone numbers?

Awais: If Kal Penn wants to call me, I’m happy to talk to him. 

Well, apparently Kal Penn reads FamousDC, because he recently wrote both Awais and Lauren a letter, and urged them to support Barack Obama. [NY Times blog]

It’s good to know that Kal is checking out the site – and even more refreshing that the NY Times knows a good story when they see one.

We’re also happy to hear that Awais connected with his hero – although, it wasn’t quite a phone call, it might have done the trick.  Stay tuned… We’ll email Awais and see how he reacted to Penn’s letter.

UPDATE: Kal’s off the hook

As promised, we emailed Awais about the NY Times blog hit and the Kal letter:

Is Kal off the hook now, or will it still take a 12-pack of White Castle burgers and a phone call in order to sway you over to Camp Obama?

Awais wrote us back and said that he’s actually already talked to Kal – and as for the burgers?

“…I grew up down the street from a White Castle, so he’s off the hook regarding the burgers too.”