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Back in early March, Ron Paul told his rabid army of supporters, through a web video, [appropriate] that he knew he was no longer in the running for the presidency – not to mention some of his aides even alluded his campaign would be shutting down. [Never give up on your dreams]

Well… apparently Ron Paul’s press secretary, Jesse Benton, didn’t get the memo, or refuses to accept reality.

Benton: “People in the press reported that as him dropping out when he was not dropping out.”

Although two seconds later, Benton reveals that Paul’s campaign has shrunk from 150 staffers to 15.  A clear sign that his campaign is in full swing.

So why all of a sudden the plea for relevance?  

Perhaps it has something to do with Ron Paul’s newest book, “The Revolution: A Manifesto.”  [not linking it]

And in case you were wondering what Jesse is doing these days, besides begging for earned media – well, he’s trolling Wikipedia and has already updated the “manifesto” wiki page to reflect Paul’s latest manuscript.

Keep plugging, team.