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After DeShawn Stevenson calls out LeBron James, the Wizards are down 3-1 the Cavs.

Gilbert Arenas tries to put lipstick on a pig, but this one is about over:

Game 5 Next
If we’re going to pull out this series, we’re going to need a miracle. We’re going to have to dig. We’re going to have to play big. Everyone is going to have to bring their A games. We can’t have no let downs now.

Dan Steinberg: DeShawn Calls Out LeBron Again, and Again:

Here are some people you don’t repeatedly call out: Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Kimbo Slice, LeBron James. But DeShawn never got that memo.

Not only did Deshawn miss the memo, but so did Brendan Haywood. He called LeBron a cry baby.

This is getting ridiculous. Game 5 is Wednesday.

UPDATE: The league fined Stevenson for throwing up the Jay-Z diamond before making a throat-slashing gesture.