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While everybody else sits around and plays the VP name game – we figured it was our turn to take a crack at it.

Some ‘number twos’ floated make sense, some ridiculous – while others, completely suspect.  [As in, did someone pitch their boss’s name to a reporter who owed them a favor, just to raise their profile?]

Then there are your typical names – such as senators, governors, cabinet secretaries and … your not so typical names, like Cooter, Billy Joe Bob and Earnest the dog catcher.

Regardless, it’s a fun game – and even more fun for all those staffers who immediately begin to day dream about the White House as soon as their boss’s name is tossed out.

One name recently floated by JoMa, which comes as little surprise to those who know of him, is Virginia Republican Eric Cantor.  Cantor, a member of the “powerful” House Ways and Means Committee, brings a lot of experience to the table – especially economic issues that many believe McCain lacks.

The young Virginia member would be the first Jewish nominee on a national Republican ticket. [An interesting fact on its own]
But why not dismiss his candidacy like the rest of the 30 names already floated?  Because of one interesting point we found while searching the wild wild web. Apparently, Cantor’s web guru and well-respected in-house new media expert just left his boss’s office to take a job at none other than, the McCain campaign.

Matt Lira, who had fought to bring Cantor’s online presence out of the 20th century, has worked over a year on his boss’s national name ID and built a very impressive email list.

But just when it seemed Cantor needed him most – at a time when online fundraising would have been critical to Cantor’s success [He serves as NRCC Finance Chairman] – the Virginia Congressman blessed the move, and let one of his most critical employees move to the McCain campaign.

Coincidence?   Perhaps -but we shall see.

UPDATE: Somebody has already cranked out some pretty ugly McCantor bumper stickers.  [Is Cantor looking at McCain’s bald spot?]

UPDATE: Not the only race Cantor staff is talking about [Cantor Aide Jumps Into Local Race – paid]