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Tighten up your jockstraps FDC readers and hold on for the latest update from Capitol Hill’s biggest jock jerk… [$ subscription]

You might remember, Jock Friedly from here, or here – yeah, he’s the neighborhood bully who might be more liked if he wasn’t so damn arrogant.

Well, it seems as if Jock Itch has made his way back into the news.  After numerous complaints from House Staffers [who happen to read FDC], the House admin folks have decided to flip the cost on cleaning up the personal information pertaining to House employees that appeared on LegiStorm.

Personal signatures and home addresses have been removed from Member and House staff financial-disclosure forms posted on the Web site LegiStorm – with the House picking up the tab to make the changes.

LegiStorm on Friday wrapped up its effort to redact addresses and signatures from the disclosures, which are posted as PDF files on the Web site, said founder Jock Friedly.

The project cost about $3,100 to complete and was paid for by the House, which requested the changes, Friedly said.

As for the identity theft victims still left on the Senate side – well, not so lucky.

Signatures and home addresses for Senate staffers remain on the Web site, however, because complaints about the information from the Senate side have been minimal, Friedly said.

And more …

“We had one complaint that I can remember from a Senate staffer,” Friedly said. “There may have been another one or two. There certainly wasn’t the level of outrage in the Senate as in the House.”

I bet that complaint rate goes up pretty soon, Jock.