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Capitol Hill staffers aren’t voted into office -nor should they be treated like elected politicians. Most move to Washington because they are true public servants, who actually enjoy the legislative process.  It’s also no mystery that these Capitol Hill staffers make much less than their private sector counterparts.

But that hasn’t stopped Jock Friedly and Legistorm from putting up a collage of staffers’ personal financial data on an easily searchable database – a wet dream for any identity thief.

Salary data is one thing, and entirely predicable for those who work on the Hill – but personal financial holdings of Congressional staffers is crossing the line.

Susan Crabtree: Aides’ Private Info Exposed

Furious senior House aides are demanding committee action against a website that has posted their bank account numbers, signatures, home addresses and children’s names that are included in financial disclosure documents.

Some are demanding legal action against the website LegiStorm, which since February has been posting congressional documents online as a way to increase transparency in government. Aides have brought their complaints to the House Administration Committee and the clerk of the House.

LegiStorm founder Jock Friedly has refused to remove the names of children, home addresses and staffers’ signatures. In defending his company, he said it is up to the House and Senate to remove information from the forms if it is sensitive.

Jerk quote of the year from Captain Jock Friedly:

“If they fell down on their jobs, it’s not our fault,” he said.

Hey Jock, stay classy ….

PS: Do us a favor and let’s get Jock Itch some well-deserved press.  Pass this post around to as many people as you can – and let’s spread this rash.