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The political wing of the Democrat House of Reps (DCCC) is accusing the Republican part of cheating – while at the same time, Republican flacks are accusing the Democrats of being delusional.

CNN’s Deirdre Walsh has round one:

The DCCC, which works to elect House Democrats, filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission Wednesday arguing there’s evidence The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) was involved in a TV script for an ad by the conservative group Freedom’ s Watch. According to campaign finance laws, it is illegal for party committees to coordinate with outside groups within 90 days of a federal election.

“Tom Cole (R-OK and NRCC Chairman) may have gotten his wish when Freedom’s Watch came to the NRCC’s rescue, but breaking the law will be the NRCC’s worst nightmare. Freedom’s Watch own Word document clearly shows the script for their ad came from the NRCC – that’s clearly illegal, said Brian Wolff, Executive Director of the DCCC.

Ed Patru, spokesman for Freedom’s Watch, dismissed the charge as a “sensational theory that falls apart once you hear the rest of the story.”

In a response that surely rubbed his Democrat counterparts the wrong way, Republican Party spokesman Ken Spain fired back via the WaPo’s Paul Kane, “the DCCC is delusional.”

One thing is clear – if the Congressional campaigns are fighting over Word documents more than six months before the election, we’re in for an ugly showdown.

UPDATE: If you’re also wondering why CNN and the Post picked this up as “news” – check out the WaPo’s link on the NRCC spokesman’s name:

“The DCCC is delusional,” added NRCC spokesman Ken Spain.

Show me the ad links!