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Gilbert Arenas heads back to his blog to congratulate his team, Final Boss, on a Halo 3 tournament win before talking trash to Lebron and the Cavs.

Now that we’re playing those guys again, I think everybody is going to have their eyes on it. Especially since the media is hyping it up.

“Did you see what Gilbert said in his blog????”

I put that in my blog a week ago. I said we wanted to play Cleveland so we needed to win some games. Then the four and the five seeds were locked in yesterday and it was set for us to play the Cavs and everybody was like, “Oh, Washington is playing Cleveland, Gilbert must have just blogged!”

NOW I’m blogging. This is the updated blog.

We hear you! Light up the Cavs (and stay in DC)!
More Gilbert…

I’m still not talking to the media. There’s nothing we need to talk about. I mean, I might podium talk after I hit a couple game winners … But locker room talk is off limits. I don’t want to bring out the hype machine right now. I’m laying low. I’ll let DeShawn hype everything up. I’ll leave that to DeShawn and LeBron.