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Note to self: Do NOT go dancing at Jefferson Memorial with 20 of your closest friends…at midnight.

J.D. Talley: Free the Jefferson 1


Apparently getting a couple of friends together and dancing quietly to your iPod at midnight at the Jefferson Memorial gets you a face plant in the concrete then a trip to detention courtesy of the US Park Police

[UPDATE] Megan McArdle: Dancing fools

Former assistant national editor for The Washington Times, Robert Stacy McCain has a first hand account:

Today is Thomas Jefferson’s birthday, and last night a flash mob (Facebook slogan, “Let’s Party Like It’s 1743!”) showed up at midnight at the Jefferson Memorial to dance on the steps in celebration. Park Police arrested one of the dancers for unexplained reasons. The flash-mobbers are friends of mine, so this morning at 12:10 a.m., as I drove across Virginia, I got a call on my cell phone from science writer Lene Johansen: “They arrested [name witheld by request]!”