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This week we are highlighting the 5 Most Ridiculous Twitter Updates.

In case you have a life and don’t know what Twitter is – it’s a microblog for nerds who can’t get enough blogging in on a daily basis.  It’s utterly useless, but entertaining for us.

[*note, names have been left off as not to embarrass anyone]


5. Watching ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ with the wife. [Put down the twitter machine and touch your wife Twitter boy]

4. Margaritas, burritos, and Becca @ Alero in Dupont. [Dude, you’re on a date… what the hell is wrong with you?]

3. Just spotted a robin and walked home sans coat — spring has sprung! [Thanks, let us know when you put your jacket back on and spot a tiger.]

2. My right eye is bleeding again. It’s a little like going through life with a lava lamp strapped in front of your eye. [Suggestion, step away from the computer and go to the hospital you moron]

1. Hey babydoll, no fair calling me a dope when I’m on “stage” doing a webinar and can’t defend myself! [Okay, you’re off stage – so is it fair to call you a dork now?]