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Incase you’ve been slammed and haven’t hit up the news today, Barack Obama’s “controversial” pastor and the church he’s served for 36 years is knee high in controversy.


Because of off-colored statements he’s made from the pulpit in support of the Junior Senator from IL.

RCP has more:

“… Jeremiah Wright, is potentially a huge problem for Obama. In the piece, Ross has clips of Wright delivering sermons in which he says we should not say God Bless America, but God “Damn” America, in which he calls America the US of KKKA (referring to how racist the country is), and in which he says about September 11 that America’s “chickens have come home to roost.”

It gets worse, but we’ll let the video do the talking:

It’s no doubt someone on Obama’s staff saw this coming months ago.  And it’s no doubt they’ve been tracking this story, waiting for its eventual tip.

Today it tipped.

But just when did they see these problems coming?  Thanks to the “way back machine,” our guess is March of 2007. 

Below are two screen grabs of the church’s about page.  One is more voter friendly than the other.  We’ll let you decide if certain church officials were contacted sometime around March 16, 2007 and asked to change their site.