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Yesterday, a Germantown teenager who was “kidnapped” and taken to the crawlspace in his house, finally admitted that he made the entire story up – in order to avoid trouble with his mother.

Problem: Now he’s in even more trouble – with the police – and a local news reporter who thought he was playing hero.

Here’s how it went down: Last week, a Germantown teenager invited friends to his house to hang out. Shockingly, one of the invitees brought booze.

One drink led to a few and the next thing you know – the house is a damn mess, and there are drunken teenagers lying around the house – unable to make clear decisions.

So what do you if you’re the teenager who’s hosting the get together and your mom is on the way home? The only sensible thing that makes sense if you’re loaded – you hide in the crawlspace, and then pretend as if the house was ransacked and you were kidnapped.

Scenarios like these usually work – but in this case, not so much.

Yesterday cops finally got the kid to admit he was never kidnapped and that he had made up the story – a tale that seemed entirely too far-fetched from the get go. Well, for everybody except former traffic reporter, turned Channel 9 superhero reporter Dave Statter.

Statter, who stumbled onto the scene of the kidnapping last week, was actually present when the boy’s life was “saved.”

Statter’s over-dramatics below according to WTOP:

‘‘I was under the impression the cops had called and said they’d found him,” said Dave Statter, a journalist with WUSA Channel 9. ‘‘…Then [the other reporters and I are] ushered downstairs to the basement and we still don’t realize the boy’s there… then we realized, no, he’s in the house.”
Statter, who had Emergency Medical Technician training, helped when the family asked someone to perform CPR, which Youkam did not appear to need.

Youkam asked Statter to ‘‘cut” something and Statter thought the boy was referring to the television cameras’ lights until he noticed two thick shoelaces around his neck, he said. Statter cut them with a cameraman’s knife, he said.

Hey Clark Kent, great job. Better luck next time.