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House Minority Leader John Boehner is defying direct orders from the wildly popular Chief Administration Officer Dan Beard, and refusing to take down his earmark reform website.

According to Roll Call, the website URL was approved back in August, but now that the site has thousands of views, and has become bookmarked by pork busting constituents, Queen Nancy wants the site yanked.

Boehner flack Michael Steel had this to say, “Now, as the site is attracting attention … they say it is against House rules.”

According to Heritage blogger Robert Bluey, the call to action by the CAO reeks of hypocrisy: 

Boehner is protesting Beard’s decision. The earmark site, he argues, is no different in nature from globalwarming.house.gov, a Democrat-run Web site that has been operating — without objection — since last year. 

While the timing by Nancy and her crew is certainly suspect, it seems that this site’s days might be doomed – unless of course the right-leaning blogosphere launches another successful revolution. [Operation Sunlight]