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Maryland lawmakers aren’t making much sense these days. After admitting that their state is comprised of too many fat people, and talking about perhaps making “walking” the official state exercise [better make it speed walking], they are now in the midst of heavy debate as to whether or not they should have a “state dessert.” [WHAT?]

Unfortunately, this is not a joke. * Note, this coming from our neighbors to the North who’ve already tapped jousting as the official state sport.

From the Reuter’s blog:

Here’s the thing. Maryland lawmakers are also thinking of making walking the official state exercise. They are concerned that nearly 25 percent of their residents are obese. Geez, that being the case, ya think maybe they shouldn’t be creating a state dessert? Or should they just let it be sold to thin folks who walk to the bakery to get it?

h/t to Basler over at the Reuter’s blog