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I’m about 12+ hours late to the game here because I got distracted by the very thing I wanted to post about 12+ hours ago – aka the best thread on Twitter and it involves – you guessed it – dogs. Hundreds of them. (And a few humans and cats to be precise.)

Just when we were losing all hope in the internet (Twitter, really) the day is saved with Bubba Atkinson’s tweet of his dog, Charlie.

Now, Charlie is already a bit of a celeb on the interwebs and who can blame her? She’s cute, honest and remorseful about her transgressions – but today, all she wants to do is share some fame with hundreds of her closest friends and fans.

We asked Charlie’s publicist (and owner), Bubba, how she always looks so 🔥 in her photos and he commented on her behalf: “Charlie focuses on the positives in life like sticks, parks, friends, parents, food… and food.”


Thank you internet for responding in the best way possible.


See the entire thread – and way more dog pics than we can fit in this post – here.