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For the third straight year, FamousDC and AGA tipped-off the NCAA College Basketball tournament – no upsets in sight. But the point of the madness was to also point out the undeniable belief Americans have when it comes to sports betting: it should be legalized.

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According to an AGA estimate, 97% of the expected $10 billion wagered on March Madness will take place illegally, due to the federal ban on sports betting. But the Supreme Court could strike down the federal ban in the coming months, as The Court will issue a ruling in the case of New Jersey’s challenge to the federal sports betting ban. Other notable highlights can be found here.




Guests comprising Capitol Hill staffers, communicators, lobbyists, media and trade association reps didn’t shy away from bragging on their picks while trash-talking their fellow party-goers. After all, it was hard not to – the games were projected on giant screens.




Despite a few busted brackets, high spirits were still intact as Washingtonians were able to put political debate aside for another hot topic: which team would make it to the championship.




SPOTTED: Chris Billeter, Samantha Boyd, Lauren Crawford Shaver, Carly DeBeikes, Nathan Imperiale, Samantha Marcy, Erin McPike, Molly Mitchell, Andrew Rafferty, Josh Shultz, Amos Snead, Georgeanna Sullivan, Matt Woelfel, Leah Dawson, Brian Wohlert, Joe Perticone, Kenny Ames, Margaret Given, David O’Brien, Ethan Stackpole, James Connors, Casey Clark, Will Green, Eloy Martinez

Check out all our event photos here.