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We’re celebrating the Best of Digital on Wednesday, February 21. Reserve your spot at the biggest event of the year! And if you know someone who is good at internet stuff and the world needs to know…

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Josh Shultz

FamousDC Cofounder / NJI Media President / Texas A&M Aggie

Since tomorrow is Kathryn’s birthday, I wanted to make sure she was honored in the most embarrassing way possible.

Happy Birthday, Kathryn! Thanks for being slightly above average at what you do, funny most of the time and occasionally on time to work.


Awesome events: Actress and #MeToo activist Rose McGowan will be at Jack Morton Auditorium tonight to talk about her new book “Brave”; The Women’s Voices Theater Festival is still rockin’; In honor of George Washington’s birthday month, Tudor Place is offering $1 tours throughout February; There are people that brunch and then there are people that BRUNCH. You’ll find those people at Brunch Fest at Union Market; Did you miss both DC’s AND Alexandria’s restaurant weeks? National Harbor is hosting its own and the food fest begins Sunday; This year’s Super Bowl will bring out either your favorite kind of fans – or the worst. Here are the DC bars where you can either join ‘em or avoid ‘em; Puppies! The DC Department of Parks and Rec is hosting its very own puppy bowl on Sunday; So Others May Eat (SOME) is hosting their annual Jr. Gala next Friday at the National Museum of Women in the Arts! Get your tix before they’re sold out!



Thanks to everyone who played our SOTU guessing game! Analyzing the results took longer than Trump’s State of the Union address. Here are the winners!


With Trump’s first official State of the Union address this week, we had several questions on our minds – who gave the first address? What do you want to hear from Trump? Who puts ketchup on a steak?


Have you noticed a lot people wearing red today? Here’s why; There’s an online petition to get McDonald’s to serve mayonnaise as a side; Hope y’all are cool with six more weeks of hell; This 101 year old mom playing in the snow is the warmest thing you’ll see today; A GoFundMe has been created for the family of the man who died in this week’s Amtrak crash; These Jeopardy contestants know literally nothing about football and it’s worth so many touchdowns; Speaking of football, 14 million people are planning on being sick on Monday.


Ask Geoff Embler how to get an abandoned car removed from your street (also, Geoff > Cory Fritz in the abandoned car towed away game); Remember when the government shut down a few days ago?; Have you given Ted Greener a high five today?; The annual award for “the State of the Union Ultimate Trolling News Dump” goes to …. the Washington Redskins! {APPLAUSE}; Tell Heidi Przybyla congratulations on her new gig with NBC News; How many times has Jonathan Grella watched this beautiful video?; Jacqueline McCarthy met with a sitting President of the United States in the Oval Office; Tim Mak is the MacGyver of remote NPR hits; Does Cassie Smedile still read this far down?; Feel better Riva Littman!; Becky Card learned the scientific approach to a great selfie this week; Namaste Stephanie GencoSending Tori Barnes’ birthday wishes to Paris!; Bill Gray has got some awesome wallpaper in the form of floor charts; Andrea Riccio’s shoe game is STRONG; What does Doug Thornell think of Alex Smith?; Hi Carly DeBeikes!; Kelsey Wessels has a great weekend in store; From one windy city to another, welcome to DC Kate Shanahan and Hanna Maki Jokela!; Special thanks to uber driver Cara Becker!

From Josh: Caleb Smith made the cover of The New York Times; Operation Cutting Onions with Sean Spicer is not going well; Good luck to Andrew Fimka and his Patriots this weekend; We’re jealous of Marissa Mitrovich’s travel schedule; Eric Wilson’s ebook on Facebook Group strategy is on point; Hello Johnnie Kaberle!; Steve Johnston shared an epic throwback pic of his days in the US Capitol; Steven Perlberg has neighbors that are lazy or really enthusiastic about Halloween; And lastly, hello to the H-107 crew, including Michael Connolly, Charles Faulkner, Tim Berry, Jonathan Grella, Katie Goodsell, Mully, Teddy Ballgame, Jon Robilotto, Brett Shogren, Maddog Madden, Casey Coffin, Leah Graham, Robbe Bendick; Juli Sullivan, Jessica Boulanger, Ellen Jackson, Tom Pyle, Kathryn Lehman, Patricia Pan, Stuart Roy, Scott Park, Brett Loper, Shannon Flaherty, Dani Garcia, Mary Ellen Bos, Dawn Lietzau, Liz Podgorski, Jack Victory, Amy Wren, Cassie, Lilia Wetsel, and Geof Gradler

#MakingMoves by S-3 Public Affairs

To start things off, another note of congratulations and good luck to Stoney Burke as he starts as a principal in Bracewell’s Policy Resolution Group; On Capitol Hill, the office of Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL) welcomes Kyle Glenn as chief of staff and has named Timothy Cummings as his deputy; Elizabeth Bibi, deputy director of media relations for Gov. Andrew Cuomo, has a new role as manager of executive and policy communications at Oscar; At The Hill, two additions to the new morning show: former Democratic White House adviser Jamal Simmons joins as an analyst and Krystal Ball, former MSNBC “The Cycle” co-host, joins as co-host of the new program; HuffPost and Washington Post alum Julia Beizer has been named Bloomberg Media’s global chief product officer; Third Way’s senior policy advisor for the economic program, Emily Liner, is making moves to the government affairs team at Salesforce; From Task and Purpose, Lauren Katzenberg is joining the New York Times as editor of the At War blog; Also at the Times, associate editor Matt Ericson has a new role as assistant managing editor and the the Wall Street Journal’s Jack Nicas is joining to cover tech topics; Mark Drajem, most recently a reporter and editor at Bloomberg, is joining the communications team at the Natural Resources Defense Council; At the Washington Post, Outlook section deputy editor Marisa Bellack has a new role as Europe editor; Medium has a new vice president of editorial content: Siobhan O’Connor, who most recently was executive editor at Time; The National Association of Manufacturers has added Lindsey de la Torre as executive director for the Manufacturers’ Accountability Project; Also at NAM, Peter Tolsdorf, former senior counsel at API, has joined as vice president for litigation and deputy general counsel; Drew O’Brien, former aide to former Secretary of State John Kerry, is joining Burson-Marsteller as a managing director. O’Brien most recently was an executive vice president at Weber Shandwick; Husch Blackwell Strategies adds two: former chief of staff to Rep. Ann Wagner (R-MO) Christian Morgan, and former legislative aide for Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK), Alexander Schenck; The National Federation of Independent Business recently announced the addition of former legislative director for Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-NJ) Jeff Brabant as manager of government relations; Airbnb has named former SKDKnickerbocker director Liz DeBold as its new Northeast press secretary; Connor McKay, most recently a senior business development associate at Politico, has joined Forbes Tate as a senior analyst; And finally, via David Nakamura, the Washington Post is looking for some new talent. Check it out here. Happy Friday
This week, S-3 Public Affairs and the Democratic Communicators Network hosted the DCNet 2018 Kickoff happy hour on Capitol Hill. This event brought together some of the best and brightest communications professionals from both sides of the aisle. 


Famous birthday wishes to Lucas Tomlinson, Erskine Wells, Ryan Ambrose, Wanda Moebius, Arthur Bochner, Mike Sommers, Mike Ference, Mat Lapinski, Paige Gress, Carrie Dann, Reid Wilson, Nika Nour, Paul Bedard, Matt Coursen, Kathryn Lyons, Cameron Coursen, Lisa Marie Boothe, Adriana Gindlesperger, Rebecca Mark, Craig Jocius, Lysa Senich, Max Courtney, Kebba Gaye, Jaime Harrison, Michael Steel, Claire Cunningham, Andrew Friedman, Speaker Paul Ryan, Oprah


Go home groundhog, you’re drunk.