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Coming to work every day is a true exercise in patience. It takes a lot of personal restraint not to lose it over the small annoyances that are part of Hill culture. Of course, most of us would never say anything to anyone IRL. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t rant about them privately… or anonymously shame them with hashtags.



You know those people you meet at networking events who ask you who you work for before they ask your name? The ones who unapologetically look over your shoulder or feverishly text in front of you unless they’re interested in who your boss is? You know, pretty much everyone on the Hill?

This one’s for you.



You know those people who wear something – belt, jewelry, etc. – every day that sets off the security alarms as you’re walking into the building? Or the people who leave their keys in their pockets… or literally walk through with their phones in their hands? You know, those people who hold up the entire line every morning because the guards have to wand them?

Our disgruntled groans, and this hashtag, are for you.



You know those special interest groups and over-zealous media outlets that send you multiple emails full of “research” every day? The newsletters you never subscribed to, but somehow ended up on the mailing lists anyway? You know, the emails with all text and no photos?

This one’s for you.



You know those lobbyists (and too many staffers – you know who you are!) who have meetings on the first floor, then take the elevator down ONE FLOOR to the cafeteria? The people who literally look at the stairs, but consciously decide to pile into already crowded elevators?

ARGH. This one’s for you.



You know those people who register for a lunch briefing, show up early to take every Chick-fil-A sandwich they can lay their hands on, then leave before the briefing even starts? You know, basically every intern and staff assistant on the Hill?

This one’s for you.



You know those people who proudly wear their Capitol Hill ID badges around their necks like they’re Beats by Dre? The same ones who “forget” to remove them prior to stepping into happy hours off the Hill?

This one’s for you.



You know those colleagues who send an email to your entire office or group, then quickly get off topic yet still continue to hit “reply all” rather than taking side convos offline? The ones who think they’re so funny that everyone on the chain will appreciate their witty remarks?

This one’s for you.