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As the Electoral College meets today to formally name our next President, there has been some controversy surrounding electors and people from both sides of the party line trying to sway them in another direction. So just in case anyone wanted to nominate FamousDC to be an elector in the next election (if that’s even possible), we wanted to let you know what it would take to change our vote. As it turns out, we’re a lot easier than you’d think.

We would happily change our vote for any one of the following . . .

A Free Pass to Skip the Line at Georgetown Cupcake


That frosting may be to die for, but there’s also a solid chance that you may be dying for those cupcakes while you stand in line in the frigid cold for a good half an hour. So we’d really love a VIP pass that allows us to skip the line and get our coffee cookies & creme cupcake that much faster.

Sunset Dinners on the Speaker’s Balcony


That view is incredible in the daylight, we can only imagine what the view of DC looks like at sunset. So Mr. Speaker, if you’d like to change our vote you know just how to do it.

A Ride on Air Force One


We’d love to kick back with Barack one more time. Maybe take a ride to Camp David or Honolulu if he wants to introduce us to his family. We’re packing our bathing suits and lei’s just in case.

A Reservation at RPM Italian


We hear the DC-native Giuliana Rancic has outdone herself with her newest RPM restaurant in DC, but we can’t confirm this first-hand because the next available reservation is probably in 2019. But if you’ve got the hook up to this restaurant, then we’re all ears on your political views.

A Weekend Stay at the Four Seasons DC


We’d love to sleep in all weekend in comfy white robes and slippers and order endless amounts of room service and pay-per-view movies, but we’ve also got to make rent. So just as long as you’re willing to foot the bill, you’ve got our vote.

Year-Round Cherry Blossoms


We get that it might not be possible considering our current winter temperatures, but there’s nothing like DC in the Spring when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, so why not try to make them year-round.

Two Dozen Cakecups from Baked & Wired


Don’t judge us, we know that this one may not be a lot to ask for but if you’ve had them then you know how valuable these things really are. Bonus points if you get us the Eggnogg’n flavor.

A Month With No Traffic


If you work in the District, you know the struggle of making it to work on time. All we’re asking is for people to stay in their lanes, not slow down to see the accident that happened in the shoulder and to keep the traffic to a minimum.

To Be Featured on the DC Snap Story


This one is pretty self explanatory. Get FamousDC on the DC Snapchat Story and follow us: TheFamousDC.

A Friendship like Barack and Joe’s


If we could find someone that looks at us the way that Barack and Joe look at each other, we’d happily give our vote away to that person.