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On Tuesday, Eatsa, a fully-automated faster food experience opened its doors at its first DC location. This new location is the largest in the country and located at 1627 K Street NW. Eatsa allows customers to choose from a completely customizable, healthy and flavorful menu and order their meal without ever interacting with another person. That’s right- no more eye rolls when you ask for extra guac or mispronunciations of your coffee order. Instead, you get to place your order on touch screen technology like it’s 3016.

Joy Asico (www.asicophoto.com)
Joy Asico (www.asicophoto.com)

Eatsa guests can order their meals via a first-of-its-kind automated food pick-up system featuring a collection of glass door “cubbies” that display personalized graphics, and produce a customized meal within minutes. Guests can also opt to skip the line by ordering through the provided iPad’s in store or via the Eatsa mobile app.

“Customers are looking for a new take on fast food, and Eatsa fills that void by combining the speed and affordability of fast food with delicious flavors and premium wholesome ingredients,” says Eatsa CEO Tim Young. “Besides providing delicious food to happy customers, we want to dispel two common food service notions: that food served fast must be junk food and that healthy food is always more expensive.”

So head on over to Eatsa and order a Bento Bowl hold the human interaction.