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The time has come for the real life Selina Myer to tie a ribbon on his tenure as Vice President. The man, the meme, the legend – Joe Biden has served as VEEP for the past eight years in addition to his 36 years serving as a U.S. Senator from Delaware.

We’ve said a lot about VP Biden over the years, whether it was about his bromance with Obama, his odd word choices like “malarkey,” or the viral memes about what kind of transitional sabotage the prankster is planning for the last few days at the White House, but the one thing we’ve forgotten to say is thank you.

Come to the United States Naval Observatory on Tuesday, November 22 from 9am-11am to give Vice President Biden the acknowledgement he so rightfully deserves. If the VP himself isn’t enough to convince you, the fact that Goodie’s Frozen Custard and Treats will have an ice cream truck there sure will.


“I’m honored to stand with fellow Biden enthusiasts to celebrate the career of one of our finest public servants. Beyond the memes, Vice President Biden has dedicated his life for standing up for the working middle class,” said Erick Sanchez, creator of this event. “Uncle Joe has taught us time and time again what it truly means to get back up and fight despite the cards we’re dealt. I look forward to throwing on my aviators, having ice cream for breakfast, and cheering loudly for the kid from Scranton on Tuesday.”

He’s made us laugh. He’s made us cry. He’s made us American.

So right before you go home to your families to celebrate what you’re thankful for, come out and show Joe that he’s the reason we have so much to be grateful for.