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You know when you’re hungry but you don’t feel like leaving your building to go grocery shopping? And you definitely don’t want to order food because then you’ll be forced to talk to those delivery guys you summoned in the first place?

London-based company Starship Technologies knows how real the struggle can be and has created a robot delivery service that will deliver your food without any human interaction whatsoever. Yes, you read that right – Wall E has been promoted from garbage collector to grocery-delivery-server.


The company has been approved for a 9 month pilot program, some of which, will be spent here in DC. For anyone that decides to order delivery online (um, all of us), select vendors will have an option to choose Starship delivery at checkout. Users will then get a notification on their mobile phone when the groceries are ready for delivery. Before you know it, a 40lb robot will be at your door.

Henry Harris-Burland, Starship Technologies’s Marketing and Communications Manager tells FamousDC that “Starship delivery services have the opportunity to revolutionize delivery as we know it. We want to eliminate missed deliveries forever, increasing convenience for the customer, all on-demand and for $1 in the future.”


The robot itself can go up to 10mph, carry as many as three shopping bags, and can drive anywhere a pedestrian can walk. Additionally, this robot is completely safe as it has nine cameras that are recording two-way audio at all times so that Starship can engage with people if necessary. The robot’s cargo also remains locked until the robot reaches its destination and the customer unlocks it through their mobile phone.

So the next time you order online, see if Starship delivery is an option at checkout. And be aware that it is not the apocalypse if a robot just so happens to be waiting at your door.