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As in any election cycle, not everyone can be pleased with the outcome. But regardless of which side you were in favor of, if any side at all, it’s important that we don’t let the outcome of yesterday dictate how we feel today. Social media sites have been blowing up within the last 24 hours with opinionated posts either talking their candidate up, or bringing the other one down.

We’d like to interrupt these polarized opinion posts for just a moment to remind you that no matter which side we are in favor of, we are all American and need to come together as one.

So let’s take a change of course and focus on all of the good tweets out there- the ones that aren’t about taking sides or bringing others down. The ones that are solely about being proud to be an American.

In elections like these, it is easy to lose sight of why we are really here. Always remember that we are here so that we, the people, can create change for a better tomorrow. Regardless of the switch in holders of the oval office, that will never change.