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Twas the night before Halloweekend, when all through the house

Every lazy person was stirring, saying, “Maybe I could be a mouse?”

FamousDC is here to tell you that you have already been a mouse, like, six times. We KNOW you can step it up this Halloween, and we have the perfect election-themed list of costumes that are quick, easy, and topical.

Donald Trump

Things you’ll need: foundation three shades too dark, a red hat, a red tie, a blazer, a lot of hair gel

Hillary Clinton

Things you’ll need: a blue power suit, pearl earrings, 30+ years of experience, talking points about your 30+ years of experience for everyone you meet, and a death stare for anyone who comes to the party as Donald Trump

Bill Clinton with a balloon

Things you’ll need: A suit, a blue tie, a giant balloon, and an expression of childlike glee

Kanye 2020

Things you’ll need: An oversized t-shirt, black skinny jeans, a gold chain, shutter glasses, and regularly scheduled rants

Ken Bone

Things you’ll need: A red sweater, black-rimmed glasses, khakis, and a love for FamousDC parties

Ivanka Trump

Things you’ll need: Three baby dolls, a perfectly ironed dress, and a work phone for conference calls — because you can do it all

Bad Hombre

Things you’ll need: A sombrero, a name tag, and conversational Spanish

Nasty Woman

Things you’ll need: An all black ensemble and a scowl

Melania Trump

Things you’ll need: Whatever Michelle Obama wore for Halloween last year

The proposed wall between US and Mexico

Things you’ll need: Sharpie, a brown shirt to draw bricks onto, and an uncanny ability to stay very, very still


Things you’ll need: A red Sharpie and a t-shirt with an exclamation point drawn on it

Miss Piggy

Things you’ll need: a pink dress, pig ears, a pearl necklace, and a lot of blush


Happy Halloweekend!