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‘Twas the night before the final presidential debate in Las Vegas and all through the town, campaign staff, national media, politicos and influencers alike were gathered around – all thanks to an unforgettable evening hosted by FamousDC at the exclusive Tao Beach inside the luxurious Venetian hotel. The DC-based media company, along with sponsors PhRMAAmerican Gaming Association, ACCE, and Emergent Biosolutions kicked off the lead up to the last big debate of 2016 with craft cocktails, exquisite hors d’oeuvres and a guest list including some of the biggest names in national politics and media.



In the final days of an election season wrought with much negativity and tension, FamousDC created a silver lining. Notable guests, who traveled from every corner of America, convened at one of Las Vegas’ hottest spots for a special night free for once of partisan political discourse, and instead focused on a different course: delicious food, cocktails and friendly conversations with old and new acquaintances. VIPs from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, Facebook, PhRMA, POLITICO, Hillary for America, Twitter, Bloomberg, Buzzfeed, Trump for President and more mixed and mingled under the Vegas night sky.

FamousDC is especially grateful to special co-hosts Whittaker Askew, Kate Bennett, Matt Dornic, Katy Ricalde, Laura Sheehan and Robert Zirchelbach for helping us host a memorable night. We would also like to graciously thank event sponsors PhRMA, American Gaming Association, ACCE and Emergent Biosolutions for playing a pivotal part in creating one of Election 2016’s most successful events.

Check out all the photos from our event here!









Famously spotted around the Tao Beach pool deck:  Ken Bone, Whittaker Askew, Eric Bolling, Taz Jones, Paige Gress, Dylan Byers, Paul Kane, Carl Cannon, Drew Ellis, Holly Campbell, Noelle Clemente, DJ Jamiel, Amos Snead, Matt Dornic, Elise Foley, Steve Chaggaris, Nikki Schwab, Natasha Flint, Geoff Freeman, Tony Guilfoyle, Nicole Longo, Angelica Grimaldi, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Joe Perticone, Hunter Schwarz, Alex Pappas, Niels Lesniewski, Daniel Lippman, Mollymae Metheny, Kathryn Lyons, Jonathan Michaels, Katie Petru, Alessandra Raffa, Hadas Gold, Katy Ricalde, Josh Shultz, Cody Simmons, Ashley Koerber, Sabrina Siddiqui, Jillian Rogers, Nikki Schwab, Sean Spicer, Juan Williams, Kate Bennett, Jeanne Pirro, Kristin Prine, Susan Gonzalez, Carolina Hurley, Ed O’Keefe, Adam Verdugo, Jenna Gibson, Chandler Schlegel, Brittany Mills, Sharan Johal, Hannah Mooney, Paul Kane, Molly Harp, Joshua Baca, Meg Szabo, Greg Martin, Alex Seitz-Wald, Ben Jacobs, Erin Waters, Christina Paulos, John Dillon, Jessie Niewold, Eloy Martinez, Dominic Foppoli

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Didn’t see yourself? Check out all the photos from our event here!