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In a media world fraught with constant change and uncertainty, one thing is for sure: people want their content quickly and digitally. New technology like video and interactive graphics make the online media world more dynamic than the old fashioned print one.

So when someone in our office said, “Hey, guys, why don’t we make a print newspaper?” we were like, “That’s GENIUS.”

(We clearly have a lot of great ideas here.)

This morning at the Union Station metro stop, we performed CPR on the dying newspaper industry with our first ever (and probably only ever) print newspaper. It’s filled with profiles of underappreciated Washingtonians, unsolicited advice, best-of lists, and plenty of graphics that you can’t click on, no matter how hard you try.

unnamedYou seriously can’t get this content anywhere else. It’s not on the internet, it’s not in the Cloud, it’s not on Facebook. The best part is? It’s positive news, which is a nice break from the media tornado of sadness that has eclipsed the past few months.

Our Famous friends ate it up – if you didn’t get your copy today, don’t fret. We’re handing them out again next Thursday from 8:30 to 10 a.m. at Capitol South Metro Station.

Come meet our paper boys (and girls).


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