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It has been two days since presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump duked it out in the most fire rap battle of recent history.


Amidst the name calling, threats of jail, and personal attacks, the American public found ways to make light of the hell-fire that was the town hall debate. They screenshotted Trump doing a really weird thing to a chair. They memed Bill and Chelsea Clinton’s horrified faces. But most of all, they made a hero of the common man… Kenneth Bone.

We love the jovial, red-sweater-wearing man who captured the hearts of America with his question about energy policy and more notably, his red sweater. Ken Bone is refreshingly honest, and told CNN he donned the red sweater after ripping his olive suit because he “gained about 30 pounds.” He’s developed a cult following, has amassed almost 150,000 Twitter followers, and is on the front page of nearly every media site in the U.S.

In addition to Mr. Bone, this media site wants to honor another debate hero, Karl Becker. This dad from Missouri asked a wonderful question of the candidates, and put the whole town hall into perspective:

This question is pure magic. In one fell swoop, Karl becomes the disapproving dad, and Trump and Clinton become two children on the playground fighting over a sand shovel.

After over an hour of horrors, America’s father injected much-needed positivity into the political discourse. Whether the question was met with sincerity by each candidate, though, is entirely up to you.

As this campaign season smashes rock bottom repeatedly, lowering the bar to imperceptible levels, we hope you take a lesson from Karl Becker’s book. Be kind, ask questions, and VOTE.