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Ah, romance. Even as the seasons change and weather takes a turn for cooler conditions, love abounds all around us here in Washington. But we aren’t just a pretty city boasting storied tales of famous first families and power couples. Perhaps even more notable to the Beltway’s reputation, we’re an ingenuitive group of folks, always making the best of tricky situations.

Meet Jason. Jason is the poster boy for the archetypical creative and driven Washingtonian. He’s Communications Director for Senator Jeff Flake, and all around great guy.

Meet Courtney. Courtney is Jason’s wonderful and brilliant fiancé, not to mention a #bosslady over at Wood Consulting. This is where our story really takes off.

Jason and Courtney mapped out an unforgettable wedding weekend in Charleston, SC, set to commence this Friday…that is, until Hurricane Matthew came into play. Thanks to mandatory evacuations, cancelled flights and a seemingly insurmountable force of nature working against them, Jason and Courtney had no choice but to postpone their official Chucktown getdown. Family, friends and FamousDC were left wondering: “How can Courtney and Jason possibly rebound from such a setback?” Luckily, our new favorite couple took matters into their own hands and hit a home run.

With no time to spare, Jourtney (they didn’t authorize us to give them that nickname) got to work. Thursday evening (TONIGHT!), they’ll profess their eternal love for one another in a self-officiated (who knew you could do that?!) ceremony atop Washington’s historic (and newly swanked out) Watergate complex. Their dear friends are pitching in with a homemade wedding cake, and out-of-town relatives will attend via FaceTime.

So there you have it, folks. Thanks to a little innovative thinking, some technology and lot of love, Jourts’ (sorry, we’ll stop) long-dreamed wedding weekend won’t be fully deferred after all. And for the lucky DC VIP’s who got an invitation to South Carolina, fear not! The loving couple will stand amongst their family and peers next April in Charleston for what we’re sure will be an unforgettable and perfect ceremony.

Congratulations to the wonderful couple!