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It’s been one week since National Voter Registration Day, so for all of you folks out there that just updated your iPhones to IOS 10 and still can’t figure out how to work it – here’s something a little easier to work with.

Click Here to Register to Vote

But on the realz, as proud citizens of our nation’s capital it is important that we live everyday like it’s voter registration day. And no Trump, that does not mean that one individual should register multiple times – this is still a democracy. The point is that no matter who you vote for, the bottom line is that you should vote. After all, isn’t that why we separated from the motherland full of fish and chips and beautiful accents in the first place?

HeadCount is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that works with musicians to get people involved in politics with a primary goal of registering voters. Since their start they have registered nearly 400,000 voters and counting. So to put that into perspective, that’s like an entire months worth of minutes we spend sitting in DC traffic during rush hour.

You can do your part and register to vote by clicking here. Or if you’d prefer to do it the millennials’ old-fashioned way, you can Text “COUNT” to 384-387.