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Ah, matcha. It’s delicious, earthy, and endlessly Instagrammable.

Although the matcha latte craze has already swept the nation, it’s really starting to come into its own here in D.C. Popular café hotspots are putting their own spin on the bright green delicacy, and we’ve got a list of the best of ‘em.

1. A Baked Joint

440 K St NW


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There are no words to describe this matcha latte. Well, there are a few: it’s sweet and creamy, with soy undertones and delicious, frothy latte art on top. Baked Joint Barista Tyler Todmann said that the café serves matcha that includes hints of cane sugar, which makes the flavor unique.

“I like ours because of that little bit of ground cane sugar,” Todmann told FamousDC. “It doesn’t take away from the earthy qualities and taste in matcha, but it eases it across your palette nicely without becoming overly sweet.”

Another special addition to the lattes at A Baked Joint is the soy milk.

“We use soy in our matcha lattes because the soy we get has a hint of vanilla, so it gives it extra flavor, especially since our matcha is a little sweet,” Todmann said.

If you’re not near K St., A Baked Joint’s sister store, Baked and Wired, also serves up the same hot and cold matcha lattes at its Georgetown location.


1351 H St NE

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Maketto is a “communal marketplace” that combines a café, a restaurant, and retail stores into one space. The matcha lattes are delicious, too. Pick one up and check out the unique space. 


705 8th St SE

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Souk is an unassuming Capitol Hill café that also serves as a spice market. The matcha there is served without frills, letting the flavors really stand out. If you’re looking for one that’s not as sweet, Souk is your best bet.

Grace Street Coffee

3210 Grace St NW

Green Love ??? | Grace Street Coffee • Washington, DC @toastedtable

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Grace Street Coffee’s matcha latte is as beautiful as the café itself. With minimalist design and a outdoor green space, Grace Street is a good place to get work done while drinking a cup of tea. In a surprising twist, they also offer Matcha Tonic, a fizzy, matcha-infused cold drink.

BONUS: Beard Papa

1332 Wisconsin Ave NW

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Beard Papa doesn’t serve matcha in liquid form, but it does serve cream puffs with matcha-flavored filling. They fill the cream puffs to order right in front of you, so we highly recommend giving these a shot.