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The leaves are changing colors, the air is getting a bit more brisk and your local supermarket has swapped out their watermelon and popsicles for candy corn and cider, which can mean only one thing: fall is here.

Gone are the days of having to edit out your sweat stains and red faces on instagram, or show off those awkward tan lines from the beach because summer is officially over and fall has returned bringing with it even more pumpkin spice flavors than before.

But now that we can’t pose with blow-up swans in pools or show off some skin on the beach, how are we suppose to keep our Instagram on fleek in the fall?

Fear not. FamousDC caught up with the DC instagram king himself, Albert “Pootie” Ting (@pootie_ting) to get the lowdown on the hottest insta’s in autumn.

Ting’s tips to capture the perfect Fall Instagram are as follows:

“The most telling signs of fall in Washington, DC are the changing color of the leaves, and the cool briskness returning to the air. So…”


#1: Find the foliage

I mean, who doesn’t love a good Japanese maple and yellow gingkos? These leaves will be leaving you with tons of likes on your Instagram post.


#2: Fall Fashion

Photo: Albert “Pootie” Ting

“[Take] snap shots of people who really love the clothes they are in.  When people love what they are wearing, you can really tell.  And Fall fashions are all about the latest styles, as well as color accents and layering.”


#3: The Local Music Scene

“DC indoor activities ratchet up a notch in the Fall, so hit up the concert circuit.  DC’s local music community is strong and vibrant, like our community of Instagrammers/photographers. I generally ask the venue events manager and/or band manager if photos are permitted during a show, and oftentimes the bands are OK with it, since they get free press/publicity.”

Now that you’ve got all the tips to post the best fall pics, tag our Instagram handle (@famous_dc) for a chance to get your fall pictures reposted by our account.