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Step aside Mr. Ice Cream Man, there’s a new truck in town. This Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday, co-authors of POLITICO’s Playbook, Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman will be handing out free coffee and breakfast sandwiches all throughout DC. It’s basically like opening up your inbox to an email from Anna and Jake, but better because they will have BREAKFAST. We could get used to this.

Not before we’ve had our coffee though.

Facing the morning crowd is a scary thing – you’ve got your non-morning people that nobody wants to be around and you’ve got your morning-people that nobody wants to be around. Luckily the duo will have the best defense and they want to share it with you: caffeine.

Here’s the schedule:

Wednesday, September 21

Where: 310 First St SE, Washington,DC 20003 (Capitol Hill)

When: 7am-10am

Thursday, September 22

TBD – check Playbook for details

Friday, September 12

TBD – check Playbook for details

Stop by because there’s nothing that won’t start your day off right. Just be sure to use the hashtag #playbookeats  as you show the world how fast you can guzzle down a cup of joe and a breakfast sammie.