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Earlier this week, Trump enterprises (hopefully) got the closest they’ll get to living on Pennsylvania Ave with the opening of the Trump International Hotel in DC.

The 117-year-old mail facility has been transformed into a 263-room hotel that features 35 suites and a 4,000 square foot presidential suite. The price tag for one night in the suite is $15,000, so in Trump terms it’s about the cost of a gumball now-a-days.


Mickael Damelincourt, managing director of the DC hotel, told FamousDC that “[we are] welcoming the next generation of one of America’s most iconic buildings as a world-class luxury hotel.” “I’m honored to be part of this project and extraordinarily proud of the team we’ve built and the work we’ve collectively done to bring life to the historic Old Post Office.”

Trump’s name may be on the entire building, but if we could pin point the most Trump part of this hotel, these enormous bathroom mirrors take the cake. I mean, look at them. They’re HUUUGE.


He better not have one hair out or sorts from his bleached toupee when he’s done in there.