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It’s hard to overcome your fears. Whether you’re afraid of heights, spiders, snakes, or Donald Trump’s inhumanly small hands, facing what makes you nervous is nearly impossible.

On September 18, some extremely brave volunteers are facing their own fears for the greater good. They’re repelling 25 stories down the side of the Hyatt Regency Crystal City to raise money for brain cancer research. Here’s a picture of what they’ll be doing…


The event, called Over the Edge for Brain Cancer, is hosted by ABC2, a brain cancer research organization based in D.C.. According to ABC2 CEO, Max Wallace, the harrowing rappel is representative of the difficult journey brain cancer patients must face every day.

“Over the Edge for Brain Cancer mirrors the spirit of fearlessness of brain cancer patients and what they go through on a daily basis,” Wallace told FamousDC. “It also represents the audacity with which we approach our research mission, making it the perfect event for our organization.”

Right now, 40 participants have signed up to raise a minimum of $2,000 for the cause up to 30 days after the event, but spots are still available. If you’re interested in taking the plunge, you can sign up here.  

In addition, multiple brain tumor survivors, including BethAnn Telford (12 years old) and Nitin Ramachandran (15 years old), will rappel down the building in support for those battling brain cancer.

The event, which ABC2 has hosted in the past, has always been an emotional one, full of love and support for those battling with cancer. Here’s a powerful video from the last Over the Edge event.