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Are all of these kids going back to school giving you a serious case of FOMO? You’re not alone! I mean, with snack time, recess and nap time, who wouldn’t want to flunk a few grades so you can stay in preschool forever?

Before you trade in your Bachelor’s Degree for a Jansport backpack, take a minute to rethink your current situation. Your nine to five job is actually a lot more like kindergarten than you may think.

1. Your day starts at 9am

Gone are the brutal 6am high school wake ups and 8am college classes. You’re an adult now, so naturally you wake up at the same time as a five-year-old.

2. Sharing is caring

Only now you’re sharing Google Docs, Excel Spreadsheets and the occasional funny cat video instead of toys.

3. You still try to squeeze in nap time

We see you at your desk. First you start typing a little slower, then your eyes close a little more and before you know it you wake up to an empty office and realize it’s 6pm.

4. You meet so many new people

Like Bob from accounting, Debbie from HR and that weird mailroom worker that is either always winking at you or has a twitch in his eye.

5. Finding a seat is overwhelming

It might not be as bad as the lunchroom, but taking a seat at a meeting is a strategy of its own. Do you be a goody goody and sit up front with the bosses, or do you hide in the back corner so no one even knows you’re there?

6. You learn to read and write

Even though we’ve been learning this since kindergarten, people in the real world still struggle with their your v. you’re, it’s v. its, there v. their v. they’re, and to this day no one is quite sure where those damn commas should and shouldn’t go.

7. You sometimes need delayed openings

Only now you call in late for being hungover or stuck in traffic, not for a centimeter of snow on the ground.

8. There’s still a teachers pet

You know, that one co-worker that always accidentally orders an extra venti Starbucks that coincidentally is your boss’s exact order.

9. You still get recess

Except instead of running around the play ground, your congressman is gone for an extended period of time – but you for some reason, still need to work.
So sharpen your crayons and get back into the office because unlike kindergarten, we aren’t fortunate enough to get a break for the summer.