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If you haven’t been checking our Snapchat religiously (shame on you) (it’s thefamousdc), you wouldn’t know that we went on a field trip yesterday.

We took a big yellow school bus (not really) to the Newseum! It’s one of the most incredible museums in the District, and we checked out its election exhibit,  “CNN Politics Campaign 2016: Like, Share, Elect.” The large room in the museum is decked out with interactive screens and cameras, allowing visitors to track the election’s progress in real time, vote in polls, and even record their own video response to the election.


The exhibit focuses on how social media and the digital age have completely altered the way a presidential hopeful campaigns, interacts with voters, and presents him or herself. Partnerships at the exhibit include Facebook, Instagram, Zignal Labs, and Pivit, and there’s even a voter registration booth inside the room. There’s also a life size video of Wolf Blitzer, which is either scary or awesome, depending on how you feel about Wolf Blitzer.

Newseum 2

We definitely recommend a visit, even if you just want to poke presidential candidates in the face on a touch screen.