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It’s National Lazy Day! And we know what you’re thinking, is that why the metro was so late today and traffic was terrible? Sorry honey, but no, that’s just DC. But now that you know of this special day, let the festivities begin!

We’re not exactly sure why the world picked today to be National Lazy Day because for us, every day is an excuse to be lazy. But we have to admit, it is nice to finally be recognized for all of our staying in bed all day, never changing our clothes, and binge watching more things on Netflix then should be legal.

We took to our number one lazy media source to lol at all of our laziness- twitter. I mean really, what’s more lazy than typing out your thoughts instead of having to sit all the way up, get out of bed, walk down the hall, and find someone to actually talk to in person- I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

Most Accurate Tweet Ever:

Why Waste Time Unwrapping It When You Could be Sleeping:

We Need This on a Shirt:

Even Gladiators in Suits Need Their Nap Time:

We’d laugh at this, but we don’t want to exert so much energy: