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You remember Pitbull, right? He’s that guy that’s featured in just about every song on the radio, worldwide. Well, he’s coming to the Verizon Center tonight, so we thought we’d get this dog house poppin’ early with some of the best from Mr. 305. ¡Dale!

Take it away Pitbull…

Best Song When You Drop Your Phone for the Millionth Time: Timber

Best Word to Describe Brad Pitt: Fuego

Best Ode to DVR: Pause

Best Song to Play When Your Computer Gets a Virus: Shut it Down

Best Description of your relationship with David Beckham: International Love

Best Explanation of Where I Hang Up My Clothes: On the Floor

Best Way to Describe My Mentality When I Walk Into a Candy Store: Give Me Everything 

Best Reaction to When A Boy Says You Have Cooties: I Know You Want Me

Best Song to Play When You’re Reading Your Boyfriend’s Texts: Messin’ Around

Best Alcoholic Beverage: Fireball

Best Song to Listen to in a Drought: Rain Over Me

Best Way to Describe Your Roommate: Krazy

Best Thing About Staying in a Hotel: Hotel Room Service

Best Compliment You Can Get on Your Dancing Capabilities: Shake Señora

Best Music Video: Dance Again

Best Song to Celebrate Making it Through Another Work Week: Live it Up