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Today the wildly popular social media site, Instragam released its latest attraction entitled “Instagram Stories.” This new feature allows users to post a series of photos that expire after 24 hours as well as look at their friends “Instragram Stories.”


What a minute… this concept sounds very familiar to me. Oh yeah, isn’t that the whole purpose of snapchat??

Instragram released this new feature as an attempt to get away from the “picture perfect” photos they’ve become known for. I mean really, your caption may say “I woke up like this,” but your perfectly curled hair and blemish-free face says “I woke up three hours ago to get myself ready to look like this.”

So in case you’re wondering where you should now post all those selfies of you and your dog, fear not! You now have not one, but two social media platforms to annoy all of your followers with. The only catch is that instagram doesn’t come with those adorably overused dog ear filters (well, not yet at least).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a ton of unfollowing to do.